Interval Training and Weight Training: Best Exercises to Burn Calories and Lose Weight

Many men and women think of strength training as an integral part of gaining muscle. However, many don’t realize the importance that strength training has for weight loss and good health. Including strength training exercises as part of your regular workout schedule will not only give you a toned, healthy body but will decrease your risk of a multitude of diseases.

Exercise to Lose Weight

Exercise is an important component of weight loss. When food is eaten, the calories that aren’t used by the body for energy are stored as fat. Exercise makes the body burn calories, resulting in weight loss. When many people think of exercise, simple cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming and walking come to mind. Though these exercises do burn calories, interval training and weight training are the most effective exercises to burn calories and lose weight.

Interval Training

Workouts that alternate spurts of high-intensity exercises with low-intensity recovery periods are known as interval training. This type of exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and burn calories. Additionally, after exercising, this type of training increases the metabolic rate for several hours. This helps the body to continue to burn calories well after the workout is over. To try this workout, run as fast as you can for three minutes. Slow down and jog for the next three minutes. Repeat the cycle three to four times. Always begin with a warm-up and cool down to prevent injury and pain.

Weight Training

Gaining muscle is the only scientifically proven way to increase your base metabolism. The food that is eaten is metabolized by the body and either used as energy or stored for later use as fat. Increasing your metabolic rate will help your body to use more of the food you eat as energy and keep your body from storing it as fat. This will help you to lose weight faster. Additionally, strength training itself burns calories. It was previously thought that strength exercises didn’t burn very many calories; however, a study done by researchers at Arizona State University found that resistance training burns twice as many calories as originally thought. Many women fear that weight training will cause them to bulk up with unsightly muscles. This is unlikely to occur, however, because women don’t naturally make enough testosterone to build large muscles.

When trying to lose weight, always include exercise as part of your lifestyle. Not only can it help you to lose weight, it can improve your heart health, giving you a healthy, toned body.