A person holding a red case with two aligners in it.

Top 10 Ways to Straighten Your Teeth

From Invisalign to retainers, there are now several ways to get straighter teeth. Here's how to straighten teeth with 10 recommended options.
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How To Make Teeth Whiter

Over time, food and drinks can causes stains on our teeth. Here's how to make teeth whiter in four ways. As always, consult your dentist first.
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A person holding their bladder that's illuminated in red.

Cystitis of the Bladder: Risk Factors and Symptoms

Cystitis of the bladder is a painful condition that is often caused by a UTI. Learn about the symptoms here, so you can be prepared.
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Iud Benefits

Did you know there are many IUD benefits that people can experience from this birth control method? In this article we look at seven.
Treatment & Prevention
A man in woman sitting in bed, looking disappointed

3 Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

Want to know how to fix erectile dysfunction? Sometimes it's as simple as lifestyle changes, but other times you need medical assistance.
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How To Prevent Migraines

Migraines can be debilitating, so knowing how to prevent migraines can help you avoid some uncomfortable symptoms. Here are some prevention tips.
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A woman sitting down and holding her head.

3 Signs That Your Migraine May Be Vestibular

What is vestibular migraine? It's a type of migraine that often affects balance and spatial perception. Find out if you're at risk here.
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Is Massage Good For Afib

Relaxing activities are good for everyone. But is massage good for AFib? In this article we look at five different methods to try.