Fibromyalgia Tender Points

Diagnosing fibromylagia can be difficult since it’s symptoms are not black and white. Fibromyalgia presents itself in many different ways and as such, it takes a keen eye of a healthcare professional to recognize the symptoms.

Symptoms can begin after severe psychological stress, surgery or physical trauma. In many cases, symptoms may begin gradually and accumulate over time without reason.

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

People with fibromyalgia suffer from chronic pain and tenderness all over their body. And even though they have widespread aches and pains, they are usually diagnosed by tender points in specific areas of the body. These fibromyalgia tender points include:

  • The Front and Back of the Neck
  • Upper and Mid Back
  • Upper Chest
  • Elbow Joints
  • Hips
  • Upper Buttocks
  • Knees

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Interestingly, women are much more prone to developing fibromyalgia than men. In addition to the fibromyalgia points of tenderness, people may also suffer from tension headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and depression. Furthermore, those afflicted may suffer from the following:

  • Chronic Fatigue – People suffering from fibromyalgia often complain of feeling tired all of the time.
  • Cognitive Difficulties – Many people report difficulty paying attention and have problems with concentration.

Symptom Relief

Currently there is no known no cure, but ongoing fibromyalgia research has demonstrated a variety of ways to lessen the painful symptoms. For example, relaxation techniques and lowering stress levels are effective ways to reducing the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Regular exercise and cognitive therapy have also been deemed effective treatments for fibromyalgia relief.

If you think you may have fibromyalgia, the most important thing to do is make an appointment with your family physician. And although it’s not recommended to self diagnose, the fibromyalgia tender points self test can help you doctor determine if you are truly suffering from this condition. With this test, you apply pressure to tender points throughout your body. Usually, when someone is suffering from fibromyalgia, these tender points are quite painful when pressure is applied.

If you are indeed diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you need to remember that it’s not a terminal disease. And although the symptoms can be overwhelming at times, you will feel eventually feel better by following your doctor’s advice.