Diabetic Neuropathy

Dealing with Diabetic Neuropathy

When people have diabetes, they can experience a form of damage to their nerves called diabetic neuropathy. This is a common but very serious complication of having diabetes. It can be prevented. Controlling blood sugar and leading a healthy lifestyle can dramatically decrease the chance of developing it.


The diabetic neuropathy definition is a type of nerve damage that is common among people who have diabetes. It usually will cause problems with the legs and feet. This condition can cause pain and numbness in extremities. With some individuals the symptoms are mild. Others have intense pain, and it can even become fatal.


When a person experiences diabetic neuropathy symptoms, they should immediately contact their physician. This could include a cut or sore on their foot that won’t heal, may be infected or only seems to be getting worse. A person may experience a weakness, burning or tingling sensation in their hands or feet that is affecting their daily routine or sleep. Should a diabetic have regular dizziness as well as changes to their regular urination, digestion or sexual function, they should consult their doctor.


There are a number of diabetic neuropathy causes that have been identified. High blood sugar has been proven to impact the ability of the nerves in a person’s body to send signals. It also will make the walls of the small blood vessels in a person’s body weaker. These small blood vessels supply the nerves with nutrients and oxygen.


The type of diabetic neuropathy treatment a person receives will be determined by the type of symptoms they are experiencing. The goal is to decrease current symptoms and stop them from getting worse. The focus will be getting a person’s blood sugar level into a healthy range. This will require a diabetic to take their insulin as prescribed and regularly check blood sugar levels.


Many people experience diabetic neuropathy feet. It is possible for a person to get a sore or other type of foot problem and ignore it. This could cause an individual serious problems. Without proper foot care, a diabetic with an untreated foot sore can develop a very serious infection. This can sometimes lead to amputation.


There are a number of diabetic neuropathy complications that can happen to a person. Loss of a limb, low blood pressure, problems sweating, digestive problems and more. It’s also possible to experience a Charcot joint. This is where a person’s lower limbs deteriorate because of advanced nerve damage.